For all ages and abilities 

using a variety of 


Tai Chi, 
and Well-being

I’m Sue and I am

the Founder of

Bits and Peaces

Bits and Peaces philosophy is to use Tai Chi and Meditation as tools to improve individual health and wellbeing for all ages. These teachings can be learned

and integrated into every day life, helping to relieve

stress, attain balance and promote self confidence.


What is Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation?

Tai chi is a gentle ancient Chinese meditative  form of martial exercise that benefits mind and body.


Qigong works with acupressure points , the meridians lines,

breath and posture. It promotes healing and health in a gentle

and relaxing way.


Meditation gives you the chance to take a step away from the hustle and bustle. A little time for you.

What techniques do you use?

Relaxation and meditation can be accessed through a variety

of mediums including:



Tai Chi

Singing bowls

Story Telling



Worry Dolls

Mind Jars

Nature Awareness

We teach with

love, compassion
and heaps of fun

Our cross curricular schools programmes are tailor made allowing for individual needs and progress. Sessions can be easily fitted into the school timetable for small groups, individuals or as workshops.


If you have any further enquiries about one to one tuition, classes or group sessions please get in contact.

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