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Our aim is to help people find their own Bits and Peaces

We teach Tai Chi, Meditation and relaxation to all ages and abilities using a variety of 



We aim to teach with love, compassion and heaps of fun, so that people may experience a little peace and tranquility, which can be transferred into everyday life.








The benefits of Tai Chi and relaxation enable peace of mind and harmony , which in turn helps to promote a more stress free life, leading to better health. It is a gentle form of exercise easily accessible to all. 


I feel that the knowledge that I have and am still building on, may help people find some acceptance of themselves, planting a seed for self discovery as they continue on their own special walk through life.



"10 minutes of relaxation a day has been shown to improve productivity"​


Dr. Dave Charles, Harvard University




Meet Sue and Learn About Her Journey.



Sue qualified as a tai chi/qigong instructor with Tai Chi Nation in 2009 and as a Wu Qin Xi instructor with British Health Qigong in 2011, and has just qualified (2013) as a Tai chi 4 Kidz instructor with the Tai Chi Institute for Health. She is a memeber of Tai Chi Nation and a registered instrutor with of The Tai Chi Union Of Great Britain. She has been a teaching assistant at a special school in Surrey for 14 years.


After practicing tai chi herself, she saw in it a way to give children with learning difficulties a way to access some peace and harmony.

 It may help them  to manage and take control of their own well being in a relaxed and non competitive way. This gave her the idea for Chi-Qi- Kidz. She  feels that all children and young people could benefit from this program and it should be part of the curriculum, starting at primary level and continuing through out  school life.


There is much to learn from the beautiful practise of Tai Chi if a person is open to looking into the depth of wisdom that is held within it. I know that I will always be learning.

 Tai chi practise is a personal and individual thing of which people take what they need. For me it is the dance of life, an ever unfolding and changing journey, and a very special gift that we can share, whilst we  are travelling the beautiful yet windy road of life. Continually gaining insight, and just maybe helping others discover their own path too.




Peace and best wishes in Tai Chi.

P.S I have been known to hug trees as well!

About The Park School

I have been working at the Park School special School for 14 years as a teaching assistant and teaching Taii Chi for 6.  It is a very special place to be.The kids are amazing and so are the staff. I have been lucky enough to be 'let loose' by The headmistress Karen Eastwood , who has supported me fully on my journey. She has taken and embraced 'my weird' (as she once called me) ideas and let me run with them , which has enabled me to bring this well being program together.




I would just like to say how grateful I am to her for that. Also my thanks goes to Mattie Mccarthy (senior teacher) who has give me his relentless support and belief in what I do.


I feel that there are lots of different ways to reach children, not all of them conventional. Maybe this is just one of many ways that could help  and enhance effective learning.


This has been my experience so far, which in turn has touched my heart deeply.





Jamie Gomez and Michael Vinci from for designing this website, class flyer and business cards. Without their help and patience I would never have got this project off the ground.


Also , thanks to my partner Paul for his support and persuading me to follow my dream.


Thank you for allowing me to share and learn with you all. I feel truely blessed.

Peace 'n' luv x.


A Special Thank You To...



You may also wish to look up the organisations

that I am qualified with:



The Tai Chi governing body in the uk:



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