A well being program for children using Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Relaxation 

Cross Curriculum
Engages children quickly
Aids concentration, memory and focus

Improves spatial awareness

Whole body workout


Sense of well being and non competitive

Allows for individual growth

Promotes self confidence

The Benefits

How does it work?

An alternative physical exercise that is gentle 


Promotes agility and balance


Allows progression not perfection


Affects mental and physical body


Relieves stress


Promotes harmony


Story Telling

Relaxation conditions with a moral story or as a use for self-help


Story/Relaxation Writing

Students create a relaxation cd


Tibetan Singing Bowls

Promotes relaxation, focus

and patience


Awareness Games

Promotes awareness of body, sound and space


A form of non-religious mediation


Tai Chi

An ancient form of Chinese exercise incorporating gentle martial movements


Qi Gong

An easy to learn and gentle exercises using the focus of

the breath and alignment of

the body

Peter's Experience

Here is a short video featuring an ex-pupil from the Park School. Peter describes his experience with Tai Chi and what it means to him.


As he progressed through the Park school Peter became interested in helping other students, becoming a very able and popular Tai Chi assistant.

In the Hut

Where parents and tots can start the day,

in a special fun and calming way,

with movement that is nice and slow,

it's easy peasy come have a go.

And stories that will make you sleep,

there is no need for counting sheep...

this gentle, friendly, weekly club, 

is filled with fun and even grub!

Get in touch to find out more information about our

free tasters sessions​.

In Schools

We offer a structured and adaptable programme for KS1,

KS2 and KS3. For more information please get in touch to

discuss your requirements.

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