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 Workshops/ Meditation Gong Sound  Baths/Shamanic Drumming, and Reiki Attunements

What to expect-

Meditation Gong/ Sound Bath 

Meditation journey, with a shamanic earth-based flavor.  Starting with a look at the energies of the day through the intention of divination cards, and the earth/moon cycle. Followed by a guided meditation leading into a sound bath. With drums, singing bowls and gong, followed by tea and cake.

Shamanic Drum Circle 

Shamanic drumming is an ancient method of healing. The rhythm of  the drum is said to carry the beat to open up channels in the body, and the collective unconsciousness . It is thought to take the participant to a point to receive teachings  or guidance that may be useful in daily life. It also serves a a guidance system or an anchor to help the practioner return to ordinary reality: Followed by tea and cake

                         The drum circle consists of:

  •  Welcome and smudging- to clear the aura

  •  Drumming - to bring in the energies of the day

  • Journeying/meditation with an intention to bring healing/change/ harmony and balance. 

  • With tea and cake

                                     2024 EVENTS 

Meditation Gong Sound Bath 

1st June 10.00am-12pm


Shamanic Drum Circle 

15th June 6.30pm-9pm


Shamanic Workshops- 1 day

Introduction To shamanism- Workshop 1

Learn how to take a shamanic journey,  the medicine wheel, working  with trees and much more

Journey around the medicine wheel- Workshop 2

 4 shamanic directional journeys- taking a deeper look at the attributes and how they can help us find our 'medicine ' for every day living and healing

Shamanic Path working- Workshop 3

Deepening the understanding of ' walking the wheel'

Setting our own intentions and journey work

Reiki Attunements

Level 1- 7th July


10.00am -5.30pm

Level 2- 2 days:

7th and 8th December


10.00-  5.30 each day

For booking/availability email on form below

 All events take place in my teaching space in North Watford Close to Abbotts Langley/Harry Potter Studio

(Junction 19, M25)

Can't make it?
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